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I’ve had my fill of feeling powerless! It’s as if I’ve been trapped in a never-ending cycle of frustration and despair. Every decision I make seems to be met with resistance or obstacles that I can’t seem to overcome. It’s like I’m constantly swimming against a strong current, desperately trying to make progress but always being pushed back. This feeling of powerlessness has taken its toll on me, draining my energy and leaving me feeling defeated.
And idk what I am doing in 3 amπŸ™‚

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Sleep well. Don’t over think, it will create problem which is not there at first place. Take care

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Bhavna P. @bhavna_pande


Feeling powerless and frustrated can be incredibly draining and isolating, and it’s totally understandable that you’re feeling heavy right now!

Remember, you are not alone: Many people experience similar feelings of powerlessness and despair.
Don’t be afraid to seek help.

Sometimes our patterns of thinking complicate things for us!

Wishing you resilience!
Take care,
Psychologist Bhavna Pande


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