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I’ve graduated this year and now I’m back home from my college. I’m preparing for certain examination. But I’m feeling anxious by being at home, thinking about future and at times self doubt creeps in. I’m feeling low right now as it gets lonely at times and I don’t understand as to whom should I speak, is there anyone feeling the same?

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Divya @divya_niki

Which exam are you preparing for?

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Sreejit P. @sreejit_pillai

Hey buddy,
Don’t stress yourself as that would just degrade you alot in terms of your career. I’ll suggest you to make up a schedule on how to really work for the examination. Spend approx 1hr either by moving out of the house for a walk orelse you can meet your friends up. There are really alot of options to move out of it. You can engage yourself into some brainstorming activities and alot more… When it comes to career I can surely help you out as I’m a career counselor… Don’t worry just set up short goals and you’ll easily achieve it… Connect with me for further understanding on how can you really work on yourself in career perspective… I’ll be glad to help you out… Have a great day ahead!


Thank you so much!


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