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Megh @simbadthesailor

I’ve graduated this year and joined a startup, in a non tech role. I have hated coding all along but from today I just wanna give it a try, only and only as a challenge and not as a career option. Should I go for it? If yes, how and where to start from.

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I quite enjoy using python as it’s quite logic-based. Lots of if’s and else’s. There are lots of different fields in python you can use too, you’d just have to research them and learn the different variables they posses. You have base python which will be like an entry page, you have turtle, which draws things on a window, you have tkinter, where you can design a page with widgets and whatnot. All sorts of things you can do on there. It can be a bit boring when you start, as it’s very basic but when you learn it, like any other language, you can make it more complex and sophisticated. I made a website with it, I’ve made a microscope with it, I made something that changes the games I play. It’s definitely a must-try when wanting to code. I warn you. It. Will. Be. Boring. (When you start)

Megh @simbadthesailor

Thanks for the beautiful insights! I’m really new to coding world. But yes, making website does sound exciting. Any online course or program you would suggest?

Megh @simbadthesailor

Sure man. Will be directed towards it and learn basis atleast. Thanks!


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