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I’ve done so many unforgivable things and the things is that I can even say sorry to the person I’ve committed a sin at. What kind of person am I? A prideful one or just a sinner? What to do?

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No person is a sinner, it’s the circumstances and the complexity of emotions that compel us to do such things and we start considering ourselves as sinners … after hearing your thought i just feel that you are a really good person because you have the quality of realizing your mistakes and accepting them …not everyone in this world has it …so be proud of it …and the person whom you think you have hurt ,just give that person some time , some space as time is a big healer and many things get sorted when left on time and even if not , then try to make that person understand the reason of the pain that you gave and try to mend your relation with that person …sorting things out peacefully and just letting your emotions out to the person to make him or her feel it is the best way to solve a problem i guess …


Forgive yourself is the first thing you have to do…


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