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I’ve built a house in your memory
I call my house , “our house”
In our house
We’ve got memories for bricks
Tears for cement to hold it all together
Decaying ivy for a garden
Echoes of laughter for music to dance at a party
Where I’m the only one invited
I’ve got your t-shirt for a closet
Our conversations for meals
I’ve got your photograph for a mirror
And my anticipation for a clock
I’ve got your promises for foundation
And now I wonder why our house is tumbling down?
Why is it crashing on the ground?

(This is for someone who I lost , I don’t even know if I should mourn him because he went missing. I think the hardest part is not knowing if he’ll ever come back or if he is even alive , but I wait , I wait every single day for him to return and stand in front of me and tell me that he’s safe)

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You don’t get it I can’t even imagine loving someone else, I just hope he is okay wherever he is

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Hey this is really painful! WTH! Why does this shit always hurts! I can’t stop thinking after reading this! Whatever it is it will be fine! It’s gonna be fine one day! And you’re gonna come out and see what have you been through! 🙂


Thank you 🤍


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