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I’ve been with someone for 15 years and it was good at first and at times. He use to get violent but now it he thinks acting nice but hurting me in others way exert his power and control. I know I need to leave. I’m honestly just scared. I don’t if what. But I don’t know. Luckily I have a few friends that understand. But still so hard to let go anyone else feel this way? How did u leave? How are you now? Help.

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Tina Chawla @tinachawla

Hi! I can understand how you feel. Abusers generally isolate you and you end up feeling scared of the consequences of leaving them. But I’m glad you have friends who understand, and are there for you. If you can access therapy, please go for it, it will help you break this patterns of behaviour in this abusive relationship. You’re not alone. My instagram is @tinachawlaa, feel free to reach out to know more about therapists and other resources.


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