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I’ve been very sad and confused lately. I recently found out that my partner of 5 years was cheating on me. This person was my best friend for four years before we got into a relationship. I had such high hopes and dreams for our future. Upon his infedelity being discovered, he begged and pleaded with me to give him one more chance. The relationship was not a smooth ride. It was a LDR where he had very little time for me and he kept creating narratives as to how busy and hectic his everyday schedule was, while he actually took out time for other women and was building narratives(sometimes even disclosing information about my mental health) to earn their sympathies.

I’d worked extremely hard to keep the relationship afloat throughout these five years, even though he kept ill-treating me, because he kept telling me I was his only true friend and he had absolutely no one else. Upon discovering that all of this is a lie, I’m truly shattered.

I’m extremely habituated to texting him every tiny detail of my life. I’m currently not able to get over this habit and find myself being very sad about it. And the way my trust is broken I’m currently feeling very scared about the future and if I’ll be able to trust anyone ever again.

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From my view trust can happen again you would know if you can trust the person and for the person who’s mistreated you I think it’s time to say goodbye, you obviously feel caught up that’s why we all are here and I know it is going to be hard but you have to be brave enough because in the end it’s not the years that count but the unconditional love for each other ❤️ hope this helps!


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