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I’ve been trying to ignore it for awhile, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult. I try to not think about it, but my stomach flips at the thought of him. I feel very sick to my stomach and I feel so dumb and nervous and… I don’t think I’ve ever liked someone this bad. And it’s frightening, because he has been my friend for about three years now. And I like him a lot… I’ve never been in a relationship before, but over the course of our friendship I’ve seen him go through a few. They never bothered me THAT much… except for his last one… I felt very annoyed and I couldn’t pinpoint why, and now that we practically spend almost every waking moment together I can clearly see why… I don’t want to like you… You’re amazing, but I just can’t imagine that you could ever possibly feel the same. I like you so much it makes me sick to my stomach… This is annoying. I really like talking to you. What the fuck.

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Did he know you like him?


Almost sailing the same boat. I’m unable to eat/sleep/function properly from the past 2 weeks. I have had crushes that made me go weak in the knees but this one is so effing strong that I’m unable to overcome it. I am waiting for it to die a slow death. The man in person is a good acquaintance and we have quite a few common interests. But he’s younger to me and I don’t see anything happening between us. I mean, we like the same stuff as much as we don’t like a certain few. And personality wise, we are quite different and I find him immature.

But you having known the guy for quite a long time, I would say you need to confront your feelings to him. Don’t make it a sudden announcement. That’ll be awkward to the both of you. Show in subtle ways that you appreciate him more as more than just a friend. You can get clues as to whether he sees you as a potential girlfriend or not. And if it goes the right way, you can say the words.

I have asked a couple of guys out in the past. Turns out the physical attraction totally numbed out the moment I got to know their personalities. In your case, since you already know him better, you can be a better judge to take your decision. Life doesn’t give you second chances all the time.

Wish you the best.

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Do not hesitate, trust me, I am not a player but I have gained a bit of experience to know you should not let it slide. Confront your problem or you will end up regretting it later on, this is one of the most amazing and bravest thing you can do. You are worthy for it, I am sure he would be very glad to have someone like you, if not well he missed the chance of spending time with the incredible-you. Talk through your problems, you will later learn this in future relationships and see how crucial it can be when put into practice. Cheers :)


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