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I’ve been through a traumatic experience
Which I cannot talk to anyone about because I feel like nobody would understand they will only blame me.

So i dont have enough money to spend on foods i like and i sometimes sneak some food out of supermarkets i know its wrong im not defending myself but it is the foods that is not so expensive and i really want to eat, so the other day when i went to the mall i sneaked some noodles and i was caught for shoplifting
3 men came asked me to come with them my heart was racing and i regret my choices the sametime my mother was waiting for me outside the mall and i cannot let her see my situation.
So these men took me to their security office and they started threatening me and took my bag and searched everything and called me a thief and telling me that they will charge this to police and i was so scared and overwhelmed i just wanted to go and they asked me to pay money for 200 rs noodles they asked me to pay 5000 i didnt have that much money and i begged them to let me go and i will not repeat it ,they bullied me and emotionally blackmailed me to giving them 3000 rs the only money i had and then only they let me go.

This was so traumatic i couldn’t sleep whenever im not engaged or busy i start to think about this and i became overwhelmed and i cannot tell this to anyone because im the guilty party
I shouldn’t have done that

Please please dont judge me😭🥺
All i want is someone to say that its okay
Its over, that they understand ,anyone could have been in this position
Please just understand .

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anuj @anujvohra

Take care …

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Abhijeet A.K @akabhi

See that you did was wrong and u know it so don’t ever repeat it and work hard to earn money… This is 2022 and you can do any work to earn money and there are lot of jobs to do so don’t repeat it and forget about the past


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