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I’ve been struggling with family for as long as I can remember and it’s not that I don’t have people to go to because I have my sister and a close friend, it’s just that I’m scared of what will happen to them and they mean so much to me, my parents are both alcoholics and always fight, sometimes my dad gets really angry because I yell back at him to defend my mom and my dog and he hit me once. I was recently self harming, and that friend from before found out, I knew I would never do it again after I saw the look on her face. People from school never really liked me, the only ones who talked to me when I was younger would yank my hair or beat me to the point where I was covered in bruises and marks, and my parents never cared to notice. Around sixth grade it started getting better because of a few people at school, but my situation at home was still getting worse. They would drink, be grumpy in the morning from hangover, and then drink more after work. This all continued to spiral me down into a form of depression and suicide attempts, I never actually committed because there are three people who have convinced me they care and I couldn’t live (or die) with myself if I ever hurt them. This is only a little bit of my problems but people probably won’t read all of this so ._. Anyways have a nice day I suppose!

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Rameshta @rams

Hey There, now you have the 4th person in your small sweet gang! 😃 people always say that Suicide is never the option. But I used to think that they can’t experience what I am feeling or rather what I am going through and all they can give is advice until I realised suicide means that you have given up in your life and I maybe a failure but I am definitely not a loser. Every person in their life has a phase where they face the worst they could have ever imagined I personally might not be able to feel what you are going through in your life but there always comes a time when things start to get good. And these good things can only happen when you have a positive aspect in your life. You should have the attitude of fighting whatever the fu*k comes in your life now I know that your father is alcoholic fighting (indulging in combat) with him is not the good approach here you have to fight for you, keep a goal in mind which is you need to take your sister And mother to a better place and for this you have to fight(Build your future through education or anything and get out of this mess).
Here is the video of terry crews who also had an alcoholic father
You have to start building your career and be the best version of yourself and get your sister and mother out of this cause you are their only hope and in this journey you are not alone. I am with you ❤️
This was my first answer on Now&me. I would love to hear from you soon. Bye


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