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I’ve been inside the house for 42 days now due to corona; and I’ve been having all these thoughts in my mind which I’m usually able to avoid by staying out or staying busy.
I’ve realized I’ve never had real feelings for anyone, never had a real relationship. I’ve been kind of a popular loner. My relationships with friends has been weak… like I always feel so insecure around every single friend of mine.
I feel so extremely lonely.
All I can think of rn is of wanting and having a boyfriend; and the thing is that I’ve always had the chance to have a good guy as my boyfriend but I’ve always been too scared to commit and/or I never really liked someone that much to get into a relationship. I enjoy my freedom, without commitments… but it gets lonely.
All I want to do right now is hug a person who cares about me. (Yeah, I know I can do that with my family and I do it) but this is different. I desperately want to date someone or at least have a friend I can say is close to me.
All these days, I haven’t really talked to anyone except like making small talk.
I hate it. I hate feeling so lonely.
What do I do?
I just want someone and I know that won’t happen so I don’t want to want someone.

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I love to stay alone
But hate feeling lonely
I love to have tons of room
But hate feeling empty

Loneliness isn’t when you alone
It is a state of our minds
When there are fear inside alone
And tears outside your eyes

you aren’t the only trust me.
try thinking of it this way
you are already in love with your future boyfriend and husband so much you willing to wait it out till you see him for something to click.
you can always make friends but getting close is hard i think i honestly have like one close friend but not close enough for a hug.
Depending on your age wait.
if it was meant to be it will be.
get in touch
it is really hard to find popular loners like you and me.


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