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I’ve been in my current job for the past 12 years and to be honest I don’t know when and how so much time passed me by. This job was supposed to be the pitstop till I achieved my lifelong dream of becoming a singer and I was always such a creative soul back in my school days and college days and I really miss those days a lot. Although my job is nice, it helps me get by, but I feel like it isn’t enough to help me live my life the way I want it to. I wish i could get some of that excitement and spark back in my life which is now mundane 9-5 in a boring grey building. I wish i had the courage to take risks or even pursue that career in music i always dreamed of.

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Never stop chasing your dreams!!! You can stilllll become a singer!!! Go for it. Best of luck!

Khushboo @khushboo

Hi, bring some sparkle and excitement in life. You can always fulfill your dream career. Go for it.


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