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I’ve been here since July of 2020 but never got around to sharing how I feel. This is probably the first time I’m sharing/venting.

I’m honestly at a loss for words to describe how I’m feeling.
Even though I’m swamped with work throughout the day, there are times when I feel all alone. Alone in the sense that even though I have people around me, I don’t really have anybody to share how I’m feeling, or anybody to go out with or tell what all I did during the day. I feel weird telling this right now but I felt the need to get it off my chest.
I see my friends going out with their partners on dates or to explore places; and some other friends who have people to go out with and it only makes me feel that I’m trying to fill this gaping void in me with nothing but work and by creating scenarios in my mind. I sometimes feel that something’s missing and I’m not really able to figure out what it really is.

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Hii there. The world can seem really lonely sometimes and it makes us wonder, do I really have anyone in my life who cares for me. First of all don’t be fooled by happy pictures on social media or someone’ story of a perfect vacation. Everyone has their good and bad days. Look around yourself and see if there is someone who has the potential to be your friend. Initiate contact with your friends,colleagues who already know you. Plan going out with them and when you get invited don’t refuse. Try going out alone it’s really liberating and who knows you get a good friend there. You know I found my closest friend in a gym, another friend on my solo travel. Meaningful friendships take time so be patient and open to new possibilities.


I agree with you 100% and thankyou for this. I’ve gone out by myself numerous times and it sure is liberating. It’s weird how things work out.


It was almost the same for me, I started running at dawn, It didn’t worked out well for me than started playing badminton got a group of my own, It good these days, Minimal social life sort of thing, I feel like humans have evolutionary grown as a community and it gives some sense of relief or security in being a part of group or community, Hope that helps.


I get it. Will surely give it a try. Thankyou ^_^


Pls dnt feel so weird
It is all very normal…
You know the world so huge
There are so many ppl still we feel alone
It is like drowning in silence amid noise
Or being alone amid crowd…
Work can only divert your mind
But not divert your feelings…
Pls try to interact with ppl around you…
Maybe try finding like minded ppl
Once restrictions imposed due to pandemic get uplifted
Try enrolling urself in some classes
Yoga,dance any hobby class anything that fascinates you
Maybe you will come across like-minded ppl there…
You can take up volunteering…
Join some NGO
Get involved in their activities
This way u can bond with other volunteers,do some adventurous activities n also social service…

God bless you…
May ur wishes come true…
Take care.


Yes, I have been doing that- stepping out of my comfort zone and it feels good to meet new people and interact with them. Thankyou so much for your kind words it means a lot. ^_^


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