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Ive been having these arguments with my boyfriend and they have mostly all come to him trying to leave me but i have always stopped him from doing so. maybe a week ago he tried leaving. He says he wants me to show him a lot of love but I’m just not used to it since its just my second relationship and i haven’t showed that much before. He says he doesn’t want me to talk to boys and i don’t really like that idea since there is this guy at my school and he’s like the only person i talk to and if i do talk to him it could only be about school, i feel like i want to talk to my guy friend about our likes and things we enjoy since we are friends but he doesn’t like it and i want to say i can talk to who ever i want but he has had past relationships where his gfs cheat on him and he’s paranoid that its going to happen again. I went to my friend when he was trying to leave me and she said he was manipulative and he messed with my feelings. I kept on telling her i really loved him and he loved me. And she kept saying he was manipulating me , he was also know for doing that but he said he wouldn’t do it to me since i was the person he loved the most. During our arguments he asked ‘be with me only for the next months or with friends…’ i didn’t answer and he said he ‘didn’t think so…’ and before that we were starting to agree on things and i thought it was going to work out but he said that and then started saying how he wishes me well and i said he played with my feeling and had my hopes up only to break me again. (pt1

Post anonymously?

Oh dear, that’s a good thing I guess! I know it’s hard to believe, but if you think for the long run, it’s better to be with no one rather than someone not trusting you and trying to bind you in conditions. For instance, him mentioning you to chose between him and your guy friend is not so reasonable. Instead, he can be his friend as well so that he can trust him and not have a sense of insecurity for you leaving him!
Take care and choose the right thing for you! It’s better to be not in a relationship and look for an understanding partner rather than being in a binding relationship.