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First off, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. EVER. And I mean anyone. If you don’t like someone tell them (or don’t). If you don’t like something don’t do it. I was in the same place as you earlier. So from my experience just don’t bother about others. I know this might sound harsh but this is the reality. If someone doesn’t care about you then leave them. You will be thankful for the day you left them. Because that will be for the best.
As for people nagging you, just ignore them. Practice this and I’m not joking. It really works. Ignoring such people is the best thing. Your life will be at peace.
Try and spend time with yourself. If you don’t then start it. Talk to yourself. Ask your soul for the answers. And really this will help.

Other than that, dealing with emotions can be really hard. I know. But don’t suppress them. If you don’t like to show them to the world then don’t. But when you are alone then cry if you wanna cry. Laugh if you wanna laugh. But be true to yourself.

And good luck with your love life. I hope it works. ;D

But if you wanna talk to someone then do it. Even if that someone is yourself.
I hope this helps.

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Glad I could help. After all the person who has suffered through the same thing understands it better.


It is ok dear…
Donot think so much about all this.
Pls donot stress urself…
Just try working on ur anger issues
Maybe ur losing cool is affecting ur relations…
N also overthinking

See whenever u feel angry on someone
Just move away from them
Stop talking or interacting
Till u are cool
Because in anger we are not in right frame of mind
So end up saying or doing what we never intended to do.

Try to manage ur anger or emotions through yoga or meditation…

Be more expressive n communicative with ppl

Donot force friendships

Be urself
Totally urself

Those who are ur real friends will love u as u are.
No need to pretend…

Think about only those ppl who value u
Forget or ignore the rest…

Let things happen naturally
Good luck
Take care.

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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