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I’ve been feeling really depressed for awhile now even before the coronavirus, I’m going to start taking therapy, but honestly I don’t think it’s gonna help. I have a really hard time making friends because I’m not outgoing enough, and I haven’t been for years, my sistet who is kind of a therapist always talks to me to try an help but I just can’t do it. So I don’t think somebody just spitting words at me is gonna help, but people always say the antidepressants and pills don’t help either and I’m really losing hope. Please tell me what I should do.

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when I’m super down, I do a few things:

1. I allow myself to be down for a while but I have a stop button, meaning, maybe I allow myself to be down for 24 hours but the next day, I force myself to switch

2. I focus on a mantra - think it’s time for a new one for me too - it’s forward movements - so no matter what happens, I focus my thoughts on my current mantra

3. I escape and take a break from my thoughts - like now, I’m focusing on you and not me lol.

I choose not to trust my emotions too much and I remind myself that this too will pass.

God bless


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