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I’ve been feeling dreadful recently, my psychologist suddenly quit and now i have nobody to talk to. I havent talked to my parents in months because they signed 45 000 debt on my name and now im strugglung to pay. Im barely left with any miney every month. My bf broke up with me because he couldnt handle that i was having such a hard time accepting the situation my parents put me in. I constantly listen about what trash they are, that im probably the same, i cant take it. Ive been a loser all my lufe, constantly bullied, i couldnt stay at home bc my mom was constantly yelling at me, school was hell, i didnt have friends. Now im 21 and i couldnt even sign up for uni bc i pay off so much miney. I dont even feel like i have a future anymore. My ex bf, his parents are heloful and stick bg him, hes working for a massive game producing company, hes studying it, hes planning on moving to america, and his parents want to sell their apartment so that they could give him money to buy a house there. Hes barely 20. Whats left for my future? 45 000 levas to pay off, no idea what i want to study, but he tells me im either way not smart enough for a career. Im on pills from my psychiatrist, and ive had 2 scuicide attempts, im so tempted to take more pills i cant even… I just, i dont see a reason to live anymore… I dont have anyone, my future is tar black, nothing makes me happy anymore… And nobody seems to be able to understand why. Theyre all ‘’ it happens " or" Just accept it already. ". I loved this boy so much yet ive listened to him call me with such horrible names, telling me im a whore, iim trash, and whatnot. It hurts so bad. I ditched everything for him. Now ive nothing…

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first of all, whoever said “IT HAPPENS” are not empathizing with you. they don’t know what you go through on a daily basis.
if you have a 45k debt to pay then you must have considered searching for a job on weekdays or even during weekends. paying off debt is a very common aspect of life. your turn came very early and has come in the time when you don’t even have the option to do anything about it.
there are companies that offer 30k a month to work as customer care representative. I suggest you work for those companies for a month or two. you will find them very easily and if this plan does not work out then there are places like mcDonald’s , starbucks etc ., you will definitely get a job there. if your main goal right now is to pay off the debt then search for a job. if not, then take some time off. clear your mind and start fresh by doing something that makes you happy and then apply for a uni. outside world is never in our hands. just have to move on.
coming to your ex, work very hard that he starts noticing you in a much respected manner. this is possible only if you are happy with yourself. please, try to take some deep breaths and start thinking about the brighter future you may lead if you soldier on
I wish you find all the happiness in the world.


Im starting a new job in about 2 weeks for a customer care company, amd so far i worked as a cashier clerk so the money is definitely better which is a relief. My brains been blowing up bc its been a rough few weeks and ill barely have enough money this month to pay the monthly dept. Thank you so much for responding, your words did make me feel better. Ill try and do as youve advised me and hopefully ill manage to get somewhere better


good to know you have already pulled it together and are starting something on your own.


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