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I’ve been feeling confuse , nervous , worried , sad , hard to breath sometimes and etc . I’m currently struggling with my studies … I’ve lost my motivation to study and achieving my goals . I feel so pressured but I just cry it out then ignore it , i hate this … the feeling of pressure for no reason . I’am the oldest daughter … my parents view me as a good daughter and obedient . I have to think in a mature because the im the older one …and its so tiring , im still a teenager. I didnt get to enjoy my youth days. My mind is so messy … I have a lot of responsibilities and Im just tired of it .

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I get it…Im the same situation as you…the oldest in the fam and feel lost and all… Take a deep breath girl… Try to relax your mind. Don’t let your mind stress much. Your important as well. After getting yourself back together, do one thing at a time. Break big things to small steps…If you get distracted while studying for a long time, then study according to the Pomodoro method…It’ll help you. Listen to some music when you want to up your motivation… Trust me…your strong if you have come this far in life so never let this obstacle stop you girl…YOU GOT THIS,… Sending love and support <333

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Kaizen @kaizen

Idk why but i feel this
Even though i am only child
But you know have to act like mature
Cause that’s what they expect from me


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