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I’ve been dating this guy for a while now and we do love each other. And even though I know that he’s totally into me and loves me sometimes I get insecure when he talks to a lot of girls. Is this normal? However I never want him to stop having girls who are his friends but I can’t help with my feelings getting this way! I need some help???

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No one 111 @jarul

I’m gonna give you real true raw advice. The first is chaotic good: trust him just believe him even if drives you crazy because both of you make a choice everyday.
The second is chaotic neutral for me: break into his phone, hack his Instagram, make a fake profile see if he flirts back.
You know you want to do the latter so do it. You’re dying to fuck it up so just do it because one way or another you will, by obsessing

Kriti @kriti

I think to some extent it is basic human nature to feel that way, I mean it’s very normal to feel that way till the point you know your’e not going crazy and till you know yo u know that you can tust your partner and the fact that you don’t want him to stop being friends with the girls shows that you have that maturity. i think we all feel some possessiveness for what is dear to us.


It is basic human nature and you you trust that guy then make him understand this and communicate in a very calm way so that things dont get worse later.


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