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I’ve been curious of why my father always leave our house every January with his guitar i started noticing it when i was 8 and i just learned the reason why now that i’m 22. I’ve been asking my mother why my father always leave the house at jan 13 every year, but she told me that she also once asked my father about that but he refused to answer. My grandmother (my dads mother) came here at our house starting Christmas and leaving at 18,after my father left the house today with his guitar i went to the living room and ask my grandmother why my father always left the house when its January 13. She answered “Its a long story my child. But let me tell you a little about it. So when your father was 9 he learned to play guitar and his no.1 supporter was his grandparents, whenever your father was practising to play guitar your great grandparents was always there by his side listening and whenever your father gets tired of practicing his grandfather always says to him “Be persevering and patient, keep trying and trying my grandchild, you’ll be able to perfect it one day.” your father will always keep trying again and again and a few weeks later he manage to perfectly play his grandparents favourite music and ever since that day your father will always play them their favourite music. A few months later his grandparents both die and before the funeral your father took his guitar, stands beside his grandparents coffins and play their favourite music while crying. Ever since that day your father visit their funeral whenever its one of their birthday, the day of the dead, Christmas and the day that they died. He will always visits them with his guitar and play them their favourite music and other music that can make you feel peace.” i always knew my father was kind but i just realize that he was more than that. Me, my mother as well as my cousins cried at the story.

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omg that is the sweetest thing, ur dad is lovely, like so lovely


Your father really is a precious and patient being!❤️


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