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sara @famed_snicker

I’ve been cheated on with other women in my past relationships from my ex , the issue is I’ve moved on and started new relationship with a new person but I am so so worried that I might get cheated on again and started to control him by not talking to other women which is so bad of me and I’ve no clue why am I being like this is there a solution to this?

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Açha Bacha @soft_forest_2

Ha mitr kyu ki kahi na kahi apko lag raha hai ki ye shaks bhi apko chor kr jayenge


Hey there!
Just talk this to your partner I wanted to talk to you about something from my past. I had a bad experience that made me more possessive about our relationship . I hope you understand. 😊

sara @famed_snicker

I spoke he changed and then patterns are repeating i am not able to be myself

sara @famed_snicker

I meant his actions

Shivang @hailsoul

The one thing that we all need to understand is. We can connect with someone but can’t own them. Their way of binding to relationships is directly proportional to the surroundings and people they have been living and been influenced by. As a male I can suggest to create a comfort aura and make him do the same for you not only because it is a basic thing in relationship but also because this makes both the souls working on their relationship on a regular interval which keeps the fire burning.

sara @famed_snicker

This makes sense :)


It takes a lot to trust someone once again. But that’s the only way to make your relationship work. Talk to him about your past relation so that he doesn’t misunderstand this behavior of yours. Later try to build your trust. He will take a step towards you and you make a step towards him.


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