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I’ve been a mess since 2020. I don’t think most people in my life gets how truly awful this thing is.

Just imagine thinking those impeding doom feelings over and over AND OVER again. It’s on loop. You don’t know how to get away from your thoughts. You feel like you’re in this cold prison with no air…

Every little body sensation I feel, every little symptoms I feel I tend to make it worse for myself by dramatising it even more. I know it’s not the most healthiest thing to do but somehow this is all that I have been doing for quite some time now.

I have tried some things to help myself. I’ve tried to distract myself by journalling and by even meditating and sure those things are great and all and they do work but then it all comes back all over again somehow and the more you focus on it the more real it will be and this is the thing that pisses me off is that the more you try to not think about it the more you will somehow think about it. I hate having anxiety and how it has taken over my life

It all began with health anxiety and then things just got worse and worse for me it’s not the most easiest thing ever to deal with but I’m still “coping” with it, I guess. But it’s still somehow not enough because anxiety is so sneaky and it can just creep in when you least expect it and this is why I’m really afraid of anxiety and how it can play those little tricks on you when you least expect it. I don’t know if anybody is relating to this or not but just know that I am here for you. And also if anyone wants to talk. My instagram is mrchad519 let’s chat and be friends. :D

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