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I’ve always wanted to apologise to someone because I made a mistake. at that time we both liked each other but I never told him I did. we talked on and off and initially, it was always me starting the convos and he always gave one-word answers like yea or oh or oof. after a while our convo died. then we went on this trip thing together and hung out a lot more and started texting again. after a while, the convo seemed to run but for some reason, I started becoming disconnected. because of that, I think, we stopped talking. looking back on it, I really regret it because I can really see how much effort he put in then. I’d like to talk to him again as friends this time and also he went through something and I’d also like to know if he’s okay. I don’t know how to approach him and I feel he won’t pay much attention and only say “it’s okay” or something short when I apologise because he probably doesn’t like me anymore and he wouldn’t want to continue the convo with me knowing that i let it die last time. what do I do?

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first, you need to understand that his replies and how he responds to your messages are out of your control:( what’s important is u play ur part. if u feel like it’s right to check in on him, do it! it’s a chance for you to talk to him again and know how he really feels at the moment, and the both of you could say the things you wanted to say but never had the chance to. both of you did let the conversations die at some point, but now you just have to talk to him as a friend :,) if he does reply dryly again, remember it’s literally not your fault <3


Hi. We all fear some form of rejection - we always play things up in our minds but he could surprise you.

I had a crush on a guy when I was younger and I told him like 20 years later and I thought he’d be like “oh, okay” but he was like “OMG, had I known, I would have been up for dating you!” which was very sweet of him.

Just be honest about how you feel, what you’re thinking and that you’re there for him if he wants to talk about stuff.


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