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😕 LonelyBullying Trigger Warning

I’ve always remained a happy teen, I enjoy my life and do not have any regrets till now. With everything flowing well my mood has no choice but to lift up eventually.
However, lately I’ve been feeling quite bitter. Like I do not have the part I deserve in society. I’m always the one to text, ask to go out and help out first. I’ve lost many friends last year: one girl becoming a sl*t, another girl using me as a tool when she’s bored and wants to go grab a smoothie, my childhood friends pretending i dont even exist anymore…I started chatting on discord for about 9 months and now it feels like im being bullied…Im thankful for who and what i have at the moment, but should i start worrying about myself becoming lonelier and lonelier every day?

Post anonymously?

OK that’s because you deserve better than this hell of a society humanity has created! You deserve happiness and freedom.

Those people sound nasty, it could be for the best that you’re free of them. You deserve better than being used, mate.

No, don’t worry about this. It’s better to have no one at all than someone who doesn’t want to be there. If you want, I can be your friend! I’m pretty non-judgemental and I don’t like hurting people so that’s always a good thing! If you want, try a diary. I had 2 years with no friends, 3 with nobody I could trust, and keeping a diary got me through it, that and books.

if you need to talk, I’ll be here :)

thanks for sharing this with us!
it is not important to remain happy all the time, feeling other emotions( being sad or crying etc.) is completely okay.
one can’t control actions of others, so we are all free to do whatever we feel is right in the situation (till its ethically/morally correct) but what one can control is his/her/their actions and response towards any situation.
also its not easy to go out and meet people around in the current situation and no one can be belammed for the same.
And if you think that you are not feeling good in general, maybe you can engage in activities which you enjoy doing and makes you feel good.
take care of yourself!