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I’ve always loved singing and I still do. I consider my self good at it. My friends, family, and choir teacher told me as well. I even got a few solos. College is coming really soon in a few years and me and my friends start talking about what kind of college we want to go to (over FaceTime of course). I tell them I want to go to any college known for their music and arts programs and they’re also known for their academics as well. They start telling me how hard it is and it’s nearly impossible to become a singer. You have to be extremely good. No matter what, there’s always someone who can do better. They keep talking until they notice how I started feeling and tried to cover it up with “Oh but you are awesome” “I bet you can do it” “Don’t worry about it, I believe in you!” and all that stuff. Honestly I felt like I was going to cry since I don’t really know what other job I want. I just need some support right now. I already have low self esteem and our conversation didn’t help at all. I even went through depression and self harm before. I already know I suck. I don’t need to hear more. I guess I probably just felt like I was going to cry because it hurt my ego. Like I said before, I consider myself good at singing. Although, I still feel hurt. Sorry if I wasted any of your time.

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Bet you are great at singing. If thats your dream go chase iitttt, dont let anybody make you feel less or unworthy of what you dream. You got this, try!


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