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I’ve always lied that about my first kiss but I’m reality, he was my first kiss and I really enjoyed it. And, we were supposed to become an official couple but he started ghosting me. I started dating someone else (#2) as a rebound (which was completely unlike me). I could never let #1 out of my mind and after around 1.5 months, on a very difficult day of crying and drinking, I ended up “cheating” on #2 with #1 in the middle of the night. I’ve since obviously broken up with #2 (we were never official but still did it immediately the next day). Now I am hooking up with #1, he comes over to my place at 1am and we make out + more.
I was never the type of person to actually be FwB with someone but here I am. Idk why but #1 has this powerful hold on me that even he doesn’t know about and that is making me keep him in my life no matter what.

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Emerald @pearldhand

Just don’t lie to yourself. No matter what.Be truthful to yourself. And don’t do anything regretful which you know already you gonna regret that at some stage. Anything temporary like this, really breaks a person craving for seriousness and finding love for oneself. Be wise. Talk to your someone close to you about it.


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