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I’ve always felt like I was really smart and knew lots of things others didn’t, I’ve come to realise this is false and now I’m trying to improve but I’m embarrassed about it, is it just me or do other people wish they had someone they actually knew that you can open up to and they open up to you

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Simran @st1199

When we tend to become friends with someone we feel he/she is the right person but as we grow together and get to know more they aren’t the right ones sometimes and you do feel that I could share everything with them but we end up not.
It happens with many, you are not the only one.

Someone with whom your understanding matches, they get to know your point besides those messages and behind your back can say that I know she/he would have don this. That click betweeen you two is with whom you actually open up completely.


World is a very lonely place. Everyone feels that way. As I’m writing this message, so many people feel the same .
The problem is we do have a lot of friends and also a close friend too. Due to different circumstances we feel like we don’t. May be the person whom you are close to is busy or you’re busy or let alone even the ones you can’t open up to are busy. It’s something we should work on.
I wish you find all the happiness in the world


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