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I’ve always been that friend that everybody takes for granted but they don’t pay too much attention too. For example, if I’m in a group of 3 or even 5 people in always the one that gets left out. I think I’m like the therapist friend. But the thing isn’t that’s the only thing my friends see. If inebriate of my friends was invited to a party, they always take my other friends to Ben their plus one, they never ask me. I get that I mightn’t not be the most fun friend to go to parties with but it really rips out a piece away from me every time that happens. I’m usually okay with it because I don’t really notice it that often but lately I just can’t help thinking that I’m kinda alone.

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I can relate to this so much. It’s always like I’m the outsider. You know what, it’s okay. You’re a great person and you don’t need others to complete you. Make other friends and socialise because it’s clear that your friends don’t know your value. You’re great.


I can relate. I’m always the one doing overly nice things for them, and when I do something wrong accidentally, I get talked behind my back. I bet you’re a much better person than them. Stay safe, stay strong, love.


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