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Lia @leelia

I’ve always been someone people go to to ask for advice and to tell me their problems. I’ve always tried to make myself a reliable person, i always let people know you can come to me and ill never judge you, i don’t have prejudicies and i understand most struggles enough to understand anyone who counts on me to tell them. I think most people see me this way and that’s why the chose to come to me. I’m really greatful that i have made myself this kind of person but lately i’ve been dealing with a lot personally so when someone tells me their problems sometime yeah that gives me comfort as well bc it’s like oh others hurt as well, but some times it doesn’t and it just makes me feel worst. Like when im trying to forget about something im going throught and then someone tells me the same thing about them, it’s just too much and idk how to react. I can’t fix someone when i can’t fix myself, i can’t give you advice that i myself know i won’t take, it feels hypocritical also there are things that really trigger me, make me anxious and are somehow traumatic for me to talk about so i can’t help someone else with it or just give them comfort bc im feeling the same way or worst. I don’t know what to do cuz i always want to be there for everyone but no one is ever there for me, and i love to help but it becomes exhausting cuz i can’t even help myself. But when i feel this way i don’t want to get distant cuz i don’t want ppl to missunderstand.

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