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ive always been an introvert since i was a kid. i rarely had friends and the ones i had, always made fun of me. if our class was a pack of dogs then i was the runt of the pack. i worked the least in social events. i sucked at group projects. now when i look back at the old me and think โ€œwould i even live this long if my parents sent me to a boarding school?โ€ i cant imagine being alive today. i feel grateful cause i have grown so much and my core values are opposite to what i was back in my childhood which is why i am better today. if i was in boarding school, i can guarantee i would have killed myself a long time go because of all the bullying and hate. looking back at my past humbles me and makes me thankful of all the bold steps i have taken until now that would otherwise look puny in the eyes of a stranger. thank you old me.

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Keep fighting champ!

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