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The @devil_nawab

I’ve always been academically average before 11th post which I stopped giving a shit ( which I do regret till this date) and failed the same class
Following which it took me an additional year to clear 12th ,as I had really low marks and had to appear for reimprovement . Iam now in my last year of BTech and kinda have an average CGPA of 7.5 , I really want to getting into a “MAANG” company ( Google Amazon types ) I’ve already lost my chance to be an iaf Pilot once due to my sketchy academics and I really don’t want to miss this one chance at making it big , but the thing is I always had this parallel Goal in my mind to appear for the armed forces , for someone like me with my average academic and limited skillset is it really possible to be able to balance two goals so that atleast I have an option in my hand . And can I even achive an aim which seems to be such a tall order even for the extremely brilliant people ?
PS: I know I’m thinking out loud but I really wanted some answers

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