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I’ve always been a person who was recognised as being thin and my friends used to say that “Tu kitna bhi khaale kabhi Moti nahi hogi”.
But recently I left dance which was my ultimate fitness guru and I’ve started gaining a lot of weight. From being 49 I’ve become 56 now and I’ve never seen my body this way and sometimes it really takes a toll on me as I skip meals and sometimes overeat. I don’t know how to deal with this and I hope it becomes better but today I will start a new routine where I keep myself healthy!

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Hi !
I went through the same cycle when I left my dance society. Psychologically, I started feeling unfit and afraid because of the weight gain that I anticipated. I started to limit my food intake and stuck to only the healthy foods. However, in time I realised I couldn’t live life this way, missing out on cheese and chocolate. Soon, I started to become comfortable with whatever weight I was gaining and I think that is largely due to the fact that my closest friends and family told me I looked healthier and happier. Ultimately my realisation was to focus on maintaining a lifestyle that was healthy and allowed me to remain fit and to not focus on staying thin/getting thinner. So, it was a lot of confidence from within that helped me tackle the struggle I faced with my outward appearance. I eat whatever I feel like eating now, just ensuring I maintain the healthy-unhealthy equilibrium. I take walks/ dance a little, since it is my preferred mode of exercise. And I try to shun any negative thoughts I have regarding my weight or my body. :)


Yes, I’m very happy seeing that enthusiasm in you, it’s so good that you realise this and that you’re working to deal with it. Not many can do that! Keep it up :))


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