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I’ve a question like how does some institutes find out ki hum kisi clg pe research kar rahe hai like vo clg ke admission process karne ka soch rahe hai and all and the other colleges find it and call karke bolte hai aap ye clg ka soch rahe ho kya ye acha nhi hai ye vo and tell alot of things about. Unhe samjta kaise hai clg ke research kr rahe hai hum vo. Kyunki abhi tak mein 4 , 5 calls aye bole aap ye clg ka soch rahe ho kya acha nhi hai n all esa sab bol dete hai

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Data they buy data (students/age/location and all …and do collaboration with websites who provide result related to college addmission career and all and many stuff

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Ahrstu @ahrstu

Mostly Google.
See, everything you do on Web is getting tracked. Your search, clicks, how much time you have spent on which thing, how much you scrolled, everything.

What I feel the issue in your case is visiting plenty of fishy websites. Suppose for instance,
You were researching on Xyz college.
You did a Google search and opened the first website, let’s suppose
So college dekho has all the information you are doing on their page, from the college name to even minute details like Which exact section your spend the most time on.
And What I believe next step is, they might sell this infos, or might have tie up where they share infos… With other college or stuffs…
And they call you with and say bad thing about xyz college.

All the above things are written with an assumption that you are doing online research about Institutes and get random calls from other institutions

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Ahrstu @ahrstu

What I advise you is to NOT SHARE you phone anywhere.
Until and unless it’s extremely important.
Create one fake Google account and try to sign up with that, avoiding Phone.
Also switch to Brave or something like that, which doesn’t allow tracking - Although ik that websites can track infos even with Brave, but that’s a tricky part and most phisy (can’t remember exactl spelling) don’t put so much effort in that.
Along with that, use Incognito tab for such stuffs.

Again, don’t share ur Numbers with cheap websites.


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