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It’s you, it’s always you
If I’m ever gonna fall in love
I know it’s gon’ be you
It’s you, it’s always you
Met a lot of people, but nobody feels like you…
Yes you dedicated this song to me and i was the happiest person but you also cried to this song the last time we were on FT you saying you miss me and want to leave your new partner and get back with me but also that you don’t like breakups and your partner is sucidal. Wasn’t I? Didn’t you hate to break up with me? Then us talking about it the next day and then never talking again? What did I do to you for you to hate me this much. I I just loved you where did I go wrong? Am I this bad? Do I deserve this? Well congratulations I hate that song now it takes me back to that time and reminds me about every single detail makes me relive all those painful memories.

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Abhijeet A.K @akabhi

I think u deserve a better person who value ur love and care.
Once he is ex and committed to someone else then no matter what don’t go back bcoz it won’t change the way he is and u know why he left you and the reason.
Move on and time will heal you everything.
Don’t stop trusting boys or don’t think everyone will be same only.


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