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Its world mental health day and i have no supports my mother plays games with my emotions and calls me manipulative shes very hypocritical

I’ve been giving her a taste of her own medicine and shes not taking well to it. I have little to no supports and do everything on my own as an adult should…but because im so angry and frought with it im losing my mind to it… Literally. Im tired of being alone in in my head with it all. Im tired of being in the same town all my life and seeing ppl who basically treat me like a ghost.

I want to move so badly…but im still taking my issues with me wherever i go. I want to die so badly…i dont now what to do…i want to live…but because im so angry and noonecared i want to be gone. I have no passion left in me for my career choice…im seeing a thetapist…but am getting nowhere…because im so Angry

Im always helping others and repenting on my sins and wrongdoings…but others wont and it makes me vengeful and vindictive and i recognize that…but it wont stop

I hate also that my mother basically mocks me and uses lies against me to hurt me it makes me the most ultimate sadness…and i wish i could just move on and find someone who loves me despite my very deep mental emotional and physical scars from both my parents

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You say you’ve a career. Right? Try to concentrate on that. The problem here is you care what your mother is doing to hurt you but you can change what you can do to make you happy. Since, you’re not so happy with your job right now, try switching your jobs or try for a new field and start from fresh. In this way you will not have to listen to your parents everyday because you’ll be busy doing something else and on the side note you’ll also try to do something you like.
May be I don’t know the whole story. I’m just suggesting from what I read. If you feel this isn’t a good advice, then just walk away from your family for a few days and live somewhere peaceful.
I hope you find all the happiness in the world.


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