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Suicidal IdeationThought

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Kushagra @kushgpt

All good buddy

anonymous @angelbaby25

nothing’s good actually, i am just trying to not give up every single day. I try to find reasons to live. I hurt myself bcs I know that I am a bad person

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Kushagra @kushgpt

Hurting yourself won’t help try to learn and improve that makes u a bad person in others life
Learn where u went wrong and try to work on that
And there are situations where the other person makes u feel like a bad person if that’s a situation learn to read others person mind

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Harasees Kaur @amol

I have no idea about what you are going through but I must point out that I have faced this. And I still face this every single day. The real demons are our fears, once u understand that it gets a bit easier but yeah it wont heal the wound. U can share your story with me if u want but hurting yourself will make your pain worse (physically and emotionally).


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