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It’s the very first day of the new year…
ain’t I supposed to be be happy excited enthusiastic and what not …
But all I’m feeling is numb
I have no excitement about this life
All I wanted is some good time in my life …
I feel like I’m going through a lot
I feel like there’s sooo much going on in my head
I badly want to get these things out of my head
But I’m scared of people judging me or I’m scared of people betraying me
I’m the one who there for myself everytime
I don’t need anyone
I don’t trust people anymore
I don’t feel safe sharing what I feel with people
I wish I could hibernate

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Ginni @lovely_boy2

Let’s go somewhere far from this world where we can sit and talk for long


Feeling the same, but I believe if I could pick myself from the toughest situations all alone. I could do this year also. There is no one to push us bro we have to get up and run everytime we fall whom we trust the most can only leave our hand when we need them most. The thing I very well learnt in this year is trust=betrayal=hurt. Some one can only hust when you put hopes on them. So play single n win single.

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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