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Tanjiro @choco_haven

It’s the best day guichhhhh… Why?
1. INDIA won by 243 runs !!!
2. King kohli’s bdday and he hit 101 !!
3. AOT final movie is out !!!
I am so excited about today 🥳🥳

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4 replies
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Joker 😈😈😈 @joker279

So so much happiness…
I mean now India has two chances for getting into finals and also nobody can reach us now…
I wish we can settle up the record of Aus winning all the matches in any worldcup.
We can do that if we go like this …
The best bowler combos we have .


Yeah just 3 more matches and … 🥳🥳🥳 i would love to see that moment .


Yeah exactly… this time we can


Sure 😃


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