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Galexia @galexia

It’s so difficult to me to maintain friendships, it makes me wonder how I will do in the future with more serious relationships.
I can form connections. I can go and make friends if I want to, socialize and communicate with a group or a community (with a single person is more difficult and I’m still working on getting better in that aspect yet…).
My only problem is maintaining them and my feelings along the way. In real life happened, but in social media occurs all the time. And the worse of all is I don’t know how to feel about this… sometimes it feels wrong, I don’t want this to keep happening, yet my actions say otherwise. I encountered a variation of people throghout the short period of life I’m living and I’m sure I will find many different ones, and when I make a connection of some sort, I feel obligated to put effort in maintaining them; I don’t want to. Of course every friendship needs effort to make it work, if one wants to be comprehended we need to communicate about ourselves and all that… I just don’t feel like it. And it’s so selfish from my part, because if I need to talk to someone in a specific moment I go and talk to them but when they do the same (or just want to talk to me in general) I always respond late or make blockages of some sort.
This sounds so wrong. I know what actions I make and what consequences they lead, but the feeling that comes with doing them is stronger than my rational thinking. The constant ignoring, cut off talks, make up excuses, showing lack of interest… sadly just now it starts to sink in even if I was aware of them long time ago.
I want to blame to the way I was raised and how I’m ashamed of showing who I am and showing all kinds of affect towards others, how my inability to show my emotions due to fear of judgement and lack of understanding from others makes me incapable of putting all of me into a connection; making everyone meaningless to me. Also the fact that is difficult to form connections if we’re just communicating by internet.
But obviously, majority of this is a me problem and I won’t deny I am at fault. Recognizing the problem is the first step and is good I’m aware. Bad is that I’m not treating it, and that means I’m not taking care of myself good enough.
I noticed my patterns when it comes to join a new community (specially on internet). Everytime someone wants to know me more deeply, I either 1. Walk away (which I have rights to do so if I don’t like the person or they’re neutral to me but bad if I was really interesed in being friends) 2. Let them, then I leave them into nothingness due to all thr causes I said before. And the cycle repeats itself.
Now that I’m doing a project I’m passionate about, I need to communicate to my partners and the larger community I’m in. Which is fine, I enjoy it and I decided to stay since I’m happy about it. However, it came to the inevitable phase of “we spend a lot of time together time to get know each other deeply” and it’s… uncomfortable. I don’t want this. I didn’t want something more than a surface level. But it’s inevitable, and I’m scared. Scared of how I might react, how they will treat me if I fuck up. I don’t want this project to go to waste and I want to stop generating them negative emotions, hurting people. And it’s so, so difficult. Because I’m so used to loneliness and my own independence, even if I depend in some things I rarely depend and let others in when it comes to my emotional side. I don’t even know how my caring side is, since when I do it it feels fake to me it’s uncomfortable. And I’m so sorry for the people I left behind without an explanation, for those who I abandoned, didn’t give them enough care… I lost them all and even if I appreciate the lesson (or if these people were kinda shitty for my life) I feel the regret and I can’t help but feel sorry. It’s difficult, super difficult to control something I don’t even know what it is… it’s a foggy confusion and actions with zero feelings.
I don’t know if I’m making sense now. Just a rambling numb dumb text, since that’s how I feel most of the time when I’m talking to others. It isn’t supposed to make myself feel understood even when at times I crave that. I’m putting my thoughts and feeling into place and trying to figuring out where I go.
I will try, I will try even harder to know how to heal this aspect of myself properly and taking care of others better as I go. It’s a mess right now but it’s never too late and I believe in myself and the fact that I can find motivation to keep going, like I always been able to get myself of off the ground many times.

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Hey! When i was reading it,I felt like have i wrote it and have forgotten abt it!? Its tooo relatable. Neglecting someone who wants to know you is not exactly right but in ur case, you just aren’t able to trust people easily. But you know when you will meet people who will make you feel secure and whom your gut will start trusting, you won’t be an issue then. In ur project group, u shouldn’t stop being urself, do things that make you uncomfortable just bcuz u r passionate abt it… bcuz still they r what make uh YOU. And when you will meet the right group of people you wont walk away. And they will won’t want you to change urself and will understand you. Your feelings could be foggy or messed up but talking about them is not being dumb. Time is the key. So be yourself and don’t be scared to fuck up. Uh have always been getting up again n you still will. All the best😊

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Galexia @galexia

Thank you thank you thank you. I really appreciate your advice and see someone who feels the same way as I too. Feeling comprehended calms me down and also I’ve been trying being more myself out there, it feels nice since I started seeing that some worries I had weren’t true at all; ofc I still have some fears and it’s hard but trying is giving me hope to continue. Really, thank you for your comment and I wish you all good in life🤲💚


You’re welcome.Happy to hear that you are trying and not giving up on being urself. Just give some time and i hope that fears will also vanish.Good luck.😊


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