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its so annoying when you are a shy person then you try your best to reach out people for a group requirement in school because no one wants to message first and they just seen your message like wtf, it took me minutes and hours to contemplate and send a message because IM REALLY FUCKING SHY and I end up being SEEN?. And others be like seening my message and just replying to our other class groupchat. p.s I dont even met them personally bc of COVID so I dont know their personality

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That’s life you know. That is how people are. They literally don’t fucking care. No one will care. But I just want to say to you. You gotta overcome with your shyness. It will make you get along with people easier.


As another shy person, I completely understand how you feel. It’s really hard to work with other people, especially with online classes, but it’s really just like that. It sucks, but the world is not made for shy people nor will it ever make any exceptions for them. As long as you’re making an effort, it’ll slowly become easier to deal with these kinds of situations. Good luck!


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