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Sansthita @sansthita

It’s raining where I live. I kind of like monsoons and the scent of the wet earth. What about you guys? What are your monsoon memories? It could be anything- something that happened during the monsoons or a person you get reminded of during the monsoons. All experiences are welcome- dark, light, funny everything. Let me know in the comments section. Love and hugs.

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Well, I love rains. I really love to see the trees and flowers dance with the breeze. And the way they look after the rains is lovely… so green and fresh… like nature decided to give them a shower!! I am a little old school who believes that no AC is as good as the breeze before rains!!
I love to be in the rains… many a time in school, I didn’t open an umbrella even when I had it!! and I would be full drenched to the skin! And to be with an ex-best friend during rains and to stop at our “adda” or “place” and drink hot tea, waiting for the rain to stop was a priceless memory, which now has become a little sad but precious.
Our school had a big mango tree and many mangoes would fall after rains in summer and we used to pick them and take them home to make chutney. Many times we wrapped them in toffee wrappers to trick people!! And if our teacher was in a good mood she would allow us to go to the playground in light rains and we used to swing or play basketball. We would play songs and sing along with them!! Oh! Nostalgia!!
My favourite memory was being in the zoo once during the rains… all the animals were happy and out of their rooms to enjoy the rain- a peacock danced as it rained and a little cub tried to roar along with its mum at those raindrops!! And the chimpanzee’s leaping from one place to another was an absolute delight. To watch them while gulping my butterscotch ice cream was pure heaven. My young cousin was so concerned about those animals that they would get cold and should probably get a raincoat or umbrella and he decided to make raincoats for them when he gets older!!😄🤗

Sansthita @sansthita

Wow that’s a lovely memory. 😍 I like the way you wrote about it. Looks like monsoon has a special connection with you. Take care.


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