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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

It’s raining cats and dogs and it is the first time, in the longest time that I felt like stepping out and just getting soaked in the rain. Because it rains beautifully even as I write this. And yet I didn’t step out, like I used to when I was 6 or 7 and that’s somewhere life has changed and continues to change as I approach my 22nd year on this planet. It’s tragically aesthetic

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Avni @avni

I get it. I saw the rains the other day and i realised how long it has been since i have had the courage to just get drenched in the rain, just for the experience of it, rather than feeling bashful about what would people think or say. I miss being able to do so.

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aaditya @addi_14

"If you want the rainbow, You have to deal with the rain."
Even the girlboss has her weakest moments

B Temp @nulll

Can someone talk? Literally about anything?
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Asav @asav_sphinxlike

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Debanjan @debanjan1

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Now even the rain doesn't freshen up the tired soul
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