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It’s not the easiest thinking you can be on your own forever. I’ve convinced myself that I’m gonna die on my own and that no one will love me no matter how much they say it to me. My boyfriend tells me every hour, maybe even every minute that he loves me. He says it non-stop and I know he does it out of kindness to make me feel better. But I wonder if it’s even true sometimes. I believe that he would break up with me at an instant if his best friend told him too. My bf always hangs out with him when he’s around. And I’m not saying that out of jealousy, but from what I see. The only time he hangs out with me is when his best friends aren’t around. I don’t know what to do about it because I don’t want to tell him.

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Jafar Abbas @jafarabbas33


I know this is too late to answer but here is what I feel - If you love someone, you should tell them your insecurities or whatever is bothering you. If they are not open minded enough to understand what you are feeling and do not change their habits or make them understand themselves to you, I think it is a bigger problem.
Btw - Happy New Year!


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