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It’s not funny when you make fun of what I love or when you make me feel foolish as i talk about what i care the most about. It’s not funny to make comments and jokes about my looks and the way i dress. I hate how you act like you know me yet refuse to listen to me every time I’m trying to tell you something, how would you ever know? why do you even ask how my day has been If you’ll refuse to listen after the “it was alright” and don’t want to hear any other answer either?. I hate how you make me fear being vulnerable so much, I hate being the clown of the friend group, the member of the family that’s always teased and made fun of, am i that funny to you all? can i not be taken seriously? I hate how you’ll never believe in me, even after i’ve proven myself already, you always think you know better until reality hits and you realize you were wrong and that maybe I had a point, yet you never learn from that and always make the same mistake of feeling entitled to tell me what i must do. I hate how you always judge others, gossip, and make very unnecessary and disrespectful comments expecting me to agree and join you in having a laugh, but i won’t, I’m sorry, I’m not like you, I never was although i did pretend to and said pretty fucked up things in the past just to fit in, I regret that but now that I’ve grown up and matured I can’t help but see how everything’s wrong with you guys and your way of thinking, i won’t be a part of that. I want to tell you that I won’t stand this kind of behavior anymore but I can’t stand up for myself without feeling guilty and like a bad person even if I know I’ve done nothing wrong, I just don’t like to be the one that gets away, the one to turn their back on someone. I hate doing that and i get so attached to people that I can’t even do it anyway.

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Mayank @true_who

I appreciate u that u expressed so much. Ik it’s hard. Just remember always stand uot for urself first nd make urself the 1st priority. Attachment is an issue but with him it heals


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