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Its not been long since ive joined this school yet ive made some good freinds im very grrateful about that. Although if youve seen my last post you must know theres alot of things going on. So continuing from that part of the story, everybody now is aware of me i feel like almost 3-5 people i have no idea about have come up to me. The other day rimmi and i were out in the corridoor and rimmi was telling me smtg about vinni when 2 girls interrupted us and said hes waiting for you outside your class, i did not even know those girls yet they knew me. Weird. I have a freind from my old school his name is naman we recently reconnected as i knew no one here expect him, he recently told me the guys on my class (N,R,R) were making s e x u a l comments about me i feel so weird. He told me everybodys talking about me, his freind rajveer is writing songs about me imagining a future, he told me people even ship me and him together and are spreading rumors ki we are together. What is going on
Ill write more in my next post, stay tuned guys

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Ye kaisa school hai bhai
U should take some actions, or else woh log ko reason milega ki kuch bol nahi rhi toh humlog bhi fayda uthate hai, don’t be afraid, baat agar parents ko bulane tak bhi jaati ho toh bhi ladho aur aage bdho,
Kyunki agar parents aa bhi gaye toh bhi they will be satisfied of the fact that u were right at a point, tumne agar kuch galat kia hi nai hai toh tum daro mat,tum sahi ho to aawaj uthane mai konsa darr, be brave , don’t let it slide
Don’t be an option for there entertainment


Till then wait, do this only if the situation goes worse, till then ignore them and act as if u don’t care, stay away
3 chances and they’re done fr
I mean like what kind of school is this?


Exactly, ill take your advice thanks.


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