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It’s not a thought, I mean I don’t have any thought but I am alone. It feels like I am loosing myself, my heart feels so heavy. Feels like I forgot to breath I want to cry but my tears are not coming out. Anu suggestion from you all guys ?!

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But hua kya ?

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anuj @anujvohra

What happened. Why are feeling alone. Do connect with your family and friends

Rj Kushwah @avid_whiskers_...

That’s the reality of life. Apno ke pass hote hue bhi hum apno se kooso dur khud ko pate ha


Very true

Durgadutt S.B @the_healer

Man u free…

27 Asma Rehman @reveuse_

When you feel that again…take 10 deep breaths
Call your closest friend…talk about it
If you’re not able to do this
Grab a pen…try to write about it…


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