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It’s my first time in college and there’s a lot of things happening. My friends are extroverts and I don’t feel comfortable when they include other people when we hangout . Even though the friends they and I have are our own classmates I just feel excluded af whenever they bring up a convo that doesn’t include me either way they would be chill and all good with each other but me or they would interact less. I’m a person who’s actually nice and talks to others if they actually wanna talk to me. And I feel so bad getting no messages when I’m back home and my friends be like hey he/she texted me we are close or hey he/she told let’s hangout. I just feel like maybe I’m not cool or maybe I’m not that good looking or maybe im just not so fun to talk to. These are the thoughts that rush into my mind. I don’t really have a lot of friends hence I shared my thoughts that’s been disturbing me for quite some time.

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So the fest are going on right ?
Enjoy the days man cuz this is not gonna be forever
And about being introvert and extrovert
If you feel like to talk with them then talk
If you feel the vibe then talk
If you feel comfortable then talk
And I’ll suggest try to talk with some new friends
You’ll get confidence


Being reserved is the way you have been. If you can open up to people you totally trust, then that’s a cool thing. Having a some messages popping in the inbox doesn’t mean your cool. Sure you need step of your comfort and get to know more people, to meet people who can get you.


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