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It’s kinda sad how we hurt people sometimes without realising that we’re hurting but what’s stupid is that even when we do realise, we don’t stop. funny how one finds pleasure in another’s suffering. but it doesn’t really make sense to me, you know? especially when you know about the pain you’ll cause. and second thing that bothers me is when someone hurts someone else just so they can feel the same pain too. but if you know, if you know how painful it is and how much it hurts, why would you want someone else to feel like that too? all this is so confusing and all these thoughts sometimes just lead to well nothing but a headache ugh.

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Been through this. My so called “best friend” hurt me so much and I know it was completely intentional. You know that someone is being competitive and trying to put you down and then they try to be there for you as well. It hurts. Sucks the life out of you

Anant @anant

I have done this. At that point you don’t realise that you could be hurting someone but you realise later on the damage that you’ve done.


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