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Pooja S. @pooja_sri.s

‘It’s just X months relationship.
You can easily overcome this.
Y are you overreacting and making it so hard.’

But believe me this is not that easy.
Duration of a relationship doesn’t count when the time, care and love is high.

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Please lower your charges. Your charges are way too much as per PPP. Can you justify such high prices? You guys are not a psychiatrist to take much charges. Many people in India won’t able to afford such high charges.

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Pooja S. @pooja_sri.s

I understand that you may be seeking guidance and might find the charges for therapy high, it’s because of the factors like professional expertise and the resources required for a supportive environment. I personally feel that Now n Me is much more affordable than domestic setups.
It’s also important to distinguish between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Psychologists primarily focus on emotional well-being and therapeutic interventions while Psychiatrist specialize in medical aspects of mental health. I consider both roles are significant and kindly avoid comparison.
If cost is concerned, I recommend exploring different options like sliding scale fees, chats and community mental health resources.
Remember your mental well-being is valuable and finding the right support is an investment in your overall health.


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