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It’s just a never-ending circle. I wake up, tired. Slowly get changed, barely eat breakfast, then I go to school. Once I get there it’s still not good, I have no friends at school. School is lonely as I watch all the other people talk to each other and laugh. Once I get home some days I go to therapy, which doesn’t help. Then I get on the phone with my “friends.” They kinda make fun of me in a not so good way, while they give love and support to each other. It’s lonely where ever I go, I have nobody, and I will never have anybody. I’m too shy to make friends, or any future love interests. I don’t have any talent, before you say there’s something there’s not. I’m not good at any sports, art, music, singing, reading, writing. Nothing. Nothing makes me happy. So there goes my friends, lovers, and purpose. If I don’t have any of those I see no point in living. And no matter how early I sleep I’ll wake up tired in the morning, and just continue the cycle.

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Hey, right now it might be hard to feel things. Remember that you have a heartbeat. The days of waking up and feeling tired aren’t perpetual. Try to remember a memory you don’t have, because I promise you will have it one day.


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